Media Mentions

  • Learning Experience Leader podcast, Ethics and Dark Patterns in Design with Dr. Colin Gray. Listen
    “These aren’t just strategies or patterns that are found out there in the world, they’re applied by a person and often with intent…”
  • The Atlantic, The Endless, Invisible Persuasion Tactics of the Internet. Read
    “What we’re finding is really complex strands of ethical reasoning,” Gray says. “But I don’t see that that sort of awareness is traveling down to the general public.”
  • Kiplinger, Beware Dark Patterns on the Web. Read
    “My bigger concern is how dark patterns play out in other contexts,” says Colin Gray. 
  • Wired, How Facebook and Other Sites Manipulate Your Privacy Choices. Read
    they’re [dark patterns] particularly insidious “when you’re deciding what privacy rights to give away, what data you’re willing to part with.” Gray has been studying dark patterns since 2015.
  • UX Collective, Disrespectful design: let’s leave it behind in 2020. Read
    In fact, Colin Gray, a researcher in computer graphics at Purdue University, found that users often blame themselves for falling prey to dark patterns.
  • Wikipedia, Dark Patterns. Read
  • Dexterity UX, Dark UI patterns research & regulatory implications. Read
  • /r/assholedesign, “A group of researchers in HCI have written an academic paper based on /r/assholedesign. It has been published at the DIS2020 conference and you can watch it here!View
  • IXD@Pratt, Ethics in Usability Research: Exposing Dark Patterns. Read
  • Master Digital Design, Some ‘dark patterns’ in UX. Read
    Fortunately, at this year’s CHI conference, my good friends and former colleagues Colin Gray and Austin Toombs will publish exactly the paper I need!
  • Input, TikTok influencers are telling people to stop using the app. Read
    “This latest development is perhaps a good example of social media apps wanting to have their cake and eat it too,” Gray says. “They first build knowingly addictive patterns into the core of their app, then add patterns that, while quite paternalistic, also make it seem as if they are being good internet citizens.”
  • Naver, 시리즈UX Story [Dark Patterns of UXD 1-2] 환히 보이는 다크패턴. Read
  • HCI textbook, Interaction Design: Beyond Human-Computer Interaction. View

We are excited to release a preprint: “Surveying the Landscape of Ethics-Focused Design Methods.” In this paper, we identify, analyze, and map 63 existing design methods that support ethical awareness and impact. 1/4

Our first @uxp2lab @Purdue_UX PhD student successfully defended her proposal last night! Congratulations @ChSaiShruthi for a great conversation. We look forward to the outcomes of your work on #everydayethics through the lens of discipline and organizational complexity. uxp2lab photo

Happy to announce a preprint linking #darkpatterns and the felt manipulative perceptions of end users! Thanks to co-authors in @uxp2lab Jingle Chen, @ChSaiShruthi, and Liyang Qu. @cgt_purdue @purdue_ux @techpurdue

Thanks to Greg Williams for having me on the Learning Experience Leader podcast! We chatted about #learningexperience, #edtech, #darkpatterns, and #ethics, sharing some of the work that @uxp2lab has done over the past few years.

@Purdue_UX @CGT_Purdue

@ChSaiShruthi will be presenting some of our work at @uxp2lab this evening/morning at @DRS2020Brisbane online. "Co-Evolving Towards Evil Design Outcomes: Mapping Problem and Solution Process Moves" addresses how designers consider ethics and values in their design work.